workplace injuries

Work-related injuries most typically involve the feet and ankles—especially for workers who spend most of their time standing or working on their feet. An injury at work (either acute or gradual) can not only be painful, but may also prevent you from returning to work for a prolonged period of time—depending upon the severity of your injury and the type of work you do.

Examples of injuries that are typically covered by workers’ compensation include ankle injuries such as fractures and sprains, plantar fasciitis and other heel pain, crush injuries, Achilles tendon ruptures, tendonitis, and foot sprains and fractures.

While your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance should cover medical bills and part of your lost earnings until you are well enough to return to work, you should be aware of all the benefits you are entitled to—and act promptly to claim them. If filing is delayed, you may experience a delay in the claim being accepted by the employer's workers compensation carrier.

Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Center has helped many patients navigate through the sometimes confusing and frustrating workers’ compensation journey. Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Center provides exceptional podiatric care to treat your injury and help you get back on your feet (and back to work) as soon and as safely as possible. He and his staff can also help determine if your injury qualifies for workers’ compensation, clarify any issues and provide documentation necessary to settle your claim, keep all parties informed throughout the process, and help you submit necessary paperwork.

Comprehensive Foot & Ankle Center can also provide services as an expert medical advisor and conduct both independent medical evaluations and compulsory medical evaluations when requested.

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